It’s been a while since The Drum’s sextech documentary premiered in Cannes. 18 month to be exact. A lot has happened since, but a lot has also stayed the same.

One thing that has remained unchanged is the stigma and niche existence many sextech startups struggle with. There’s Nuelle, who had their Facebook ads rejected, the German sex toy e-commerce Amorelie, who experienced some backlash after a poster campaign in the streets of Berlin and then there’s the hundreds of sextech entrepreneurs, who have problems finding the funding and infrastructure needed in order to run and grow their businesses.

Controversy means demand. Demand means there’s a business opportunity. And a business opportunity means, that there’s already a whole army of entrepreneurs and hustlers just waiting to make their mark. What they will eventually be doing is to blaze the trail for the big players, who are waiting on the sidelines until the the industry has reached mainstream appeal. The sex toy industry alone is worth an estimated $ 15 billion, which pretty much makes sextech as a whole too big to ignore. So the only question is not if it will happen, it’s when it’ll happen.

So let’s see what 2017 will bring!